Dimitris Vouzaxakis
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Melia apartments are situated in the seaside settlement of Loutraki, on Skopelos island. Built just in front of the sea, they are the ideal choice for relaxing family holidays in a peaceful and natural environment.
Malena is a newly built luxury, spacious villa with private swimming pool, set in a picturesque, quiet location, less than one kilometre from the traditional Greek village of Glossa.
Android Games
Overcome Gravity. Overcome Gravity and fly to distant planets Avoid Asteroids rain and Black holes. Navigate your spacecraft.
There is only one rule, stay alive. Move the dots to avoid the obstacles through the never ending world. Collect coins to get unique ball skins.
FiveM Resources
This resource makes use of the vending machines that already exist in the GTA V game.

Minimal and easy to use UI for purchasing / managing the products of vending machines. You can easily place your own vending machine with an internal placing method. Every vending machine has its own storage for products and money. An interactive way to extract products from the vending machine that any nearby player can pick up.
The resource is highly configurable to meet anyone's anticipations.
This is a mechanic script that allows you to modify your vehicle's visual and mechanical parts.
This script has all the available visual modifications that GTA V provides, including a nice and user friendly UI.
This resource is made to help shops show, manage and sell their products in a user friendly environment.

Boss can easily add, remove, change the price, the order and the income percentage of every item in the catalogue.

Employee can sell any item in the catalogue to any player near him.

Customers can see the catalogue of every shop.